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Talking out
Talking out

Talking out

Mã sách: NN3
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Trước Thuế: 125.000VND
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TALKING OUT Skills for Active Learners is for the learners studying General English at an Intermediate level and provides materials for approximately 48 hours of classroom instructions. Employing Cambridge English Collocation in Use (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate) as its supplementary material, the course puts special emphasis on developing learners’ ability to: 
• Participate with confidence in discussions on various topics
• Express their viewpoint on different issues
• Practise active studying skills
Topics and contents
TALKING OUT Skills for Active Learners is divided into 16 units, which focus on  up-to-date topics that learners are likely to meet in real-life sceranio. Learners are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the world and other cultures through the medium of English, and personalization is strongly emphasized. 
Each unit consists of roughly two hours of classroom materials and features all of the following:
• A Getting ready section – an introduction to the topic of the unit, including 1-2 activities for vocabulary revision and/or activating learners’ prior knowledge.
• A Talking out section – the central part, comprising 4-5 speaking activities that range from group work to individual work and target different areas of the unit topic. This section also features short reading texts and listening material as input for speaking. Common language functions as well as useful phrases and collocations are also provided to help learners express themselves in a better way.
• A Homework section – to reinforce the language acquired from the unit and develop self study skills.
• A Project section – to expose learners to more complex real-life communication and further develop their study skills.
• A Preparation for the next unit section – to make learners better prepared in both terms of knowledge and language for the next unit.
   TALKING OUT Skills for Active Learners includes elements of communicative language teaching (CLT). Accordingly, learners are exposed to a wide range of speaking activities from structured ones like surveys and mini-talks to freer ones such as discussion and problem solving where English is used as the language of instruction and communication. The frequent performance of such tasks provides the opportunities for realistic and extended communication and encourages learners to find the language they need to express their own ideas.
Strategies for learning
   TALKING OUT Skills for Active Learners can be used either in class as a course book under the instruction of a teacher or outside the classroom for self-studying purposes. To make best use of the book, learners are advised to:
• be well prepared for each unit by reading, listening, and making notes of topic-relevant information (Refer to the Preparation for the next unit section for suggestions);
• build up and make extensive use of fixed phrases and collocations by doing exercises in the recommended supplementary material (i.e. Cambridge English for Collocations) and through active participation in different activities in the book;
• be responsible, cooperative and independent in learning;
• take the assigned homework and projects as good opportunities to revisit and recycle useful language for real-life communication;
• spend time reflecting on how they learn the most effectively and develop an awareness of their own learning strategies.

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